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Welcome to = FMD Lounge =

What is FMD Lounge, and what does FMD stand for?

- FMD Lounge is an upscale, members-only club dedicated to bringing you a memorable exotic experience with every visit. Please take a moment to learn a little about us!

- FMD stands for Feed My Desire. We strive to provide a role-play-focused members-only club dedicated to intimacy and building lasting relationships with our guests/members.


Complexity and script maximum count:
Scripts = 150
Script memory = 10 MB
Complexity = 250,000 -300,000

There is a script monitor on the sim that will tell you if you have too many scripts on or have too high render weight! It is possible, that you may be ejected if you do not comply with the requests to reduce your impact on the region.

Visit our social media links to keep up with our parties/events/contests.

= Social Media Links =

= FMD Lounge = Inworld Group secondlife:///app/group/04c89408-fec4-31ee-0e10-6eb63cf09aad/about
= FMD Lounge = Facebook
= FMD Lounge = Flickr Page
= FMD Lounge = Flickr Group
= FMD Lounge = Discord
= FMD Lounge = Website

FMD is now Owned by BᴇʟʟᴀTʀɪx Lᴇᴛʜᴀʟ™ (BellaLethal Alpha)

FMD has been growing and evolving since 2011, and as it continues to strive to do so in order to provide the best experience for our Guests/Members, the nature and roles of its staff evolve as well.

By entering this club or joining our group, you are agreeing to abide by the rules of our group and sim. Please read the following rules.

= Rules =

We have a zero-tolerance policy here, If you do NOT follow the FMD RULES consequences are as follows:

1. Eject and Ban From all FMD LOUNGE Groups.

2. Eject and Ban from ESTATE.

3. NO REFUND of lindens paid for club and group access!

4. AGAIN NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.

The Owner and or Manager will take the appropriate decision regarding offenders by using disciplinary actions as follows: eject/ban/estate ban. As stated within Linden Lab Policies, sim owner(s) are able to create restrictions however they choose, this includes the age of the avatar and not limited to. We have enacted these policies and use the Linden Lab tools to do. If you have any issues with this Linden Lab policy, please report it to Linden Labs.

5. You must be 18+, and your avatar must also appear to be 18+.  If your avatar or anything in your profile suggests that you are not 18, you will be ejected and banned immediately without warning.

6. Join the group - members only have access to sim.

7. No malicious links on local chat or to other residents in the club.

8. No personal active music HUDs or other disruptive objects this includes beyou HUDs Combat HUDs, Pets etc. Be respectful towards those who come to the club and listen to the music.

9. No promotion of products, groups, sims, or businesses that are not related to FMD without permission from management. This does not apply if you're approached about this in IM.

10. No griefing, trolling, or harassment of any form on sim or in local chat/voice. (Refer to 1-4 in Rules)

11. No disclosing personal information in local/group/discord chats.

LINDEN LAB POLICY ON Disclosing Personal Information:

12. No wearable attachments (pets) that are not appropriate for the environment setting.

13. Nobody is allowed to create group tags or change names using the SL Display Names Feature to impersonate Management or Owner.

14. No spamming.

15. To keep the integrity of FMD we ask all members who are on the sim to provide payment info on File

16. RESPECT all people No BEGGING of money and or offering escorting in any way, shape, or form.

17. Harassment of any kind is NOT tolerated report to FMD Management. (Refer to 1-4 in Rules)

18. Trolling, racism, homophobic/transphobic/intolerant behavior, sexism, kink-shaming, bullying, and reinforcing clique culture are NOT tolerated report to FMD Management. (Refer to 1-4 in Rules)

19. Adult behaviors ONLY include any obnoxious gestures or animations of any kind.

20. Do not mock a person's sexual orientation or lifestyle choices.

21. Do not make fun of anyone in a sexual act or disturb anyone using furniture and the menus.

22. Do not AFK on the furniture.

23. No talks of politics or religion in local chat, group chat or voice on the sim.

24. English Language in local chat and group chat. (you may use a translator)

25. Guests/Members are to make use of our club destinations specifically for Guests/Members to use for sexual interactions. (Check your FMD HUD)

26. Tipping is at your discretion of you but we prefer you tip all staff evenly. 

27. Solicitation is not allowed in the club, landing, our inworld group, or discord this group is specifically for communicating with Guests/Members.

28. Please do not disturb any private sessions. If you'd like to join another Guest(s)/Member(s), please ask them if it is ok first before joining them in any sexual activities.

Please report any breaking of these rules to the management team and file a report to LL. Use of the block feature if needed. If management needs to take any action, it will be taken without warning.

= Personal Disputes =

1. Personal disputes between residents are by definition personal and FMD management will NOT become involved in the resolution of such disputes.

2. Keep them in your private IMs, and don't involve FMD unless an FMD rule is broken. Use features that are at your disposal, such as mute, block, and report.

3. Any disputes carried out in group chat will result in the removal of chat rights of both parties despite who is at fault. Leave it in IMs.

= Local Voice =

1. All the above rules apply to voice as well.

2. Please enable the mic only while talking with an individual or a group of people by using push to talk. Background noise such as typing, fan, music, or your parents or children can be avoided.

3. Children in the background while on local voice is an automatic eject. This is an adult venue, where children are not allowed.

4. Do NOT put pressure on anyone to voice. (Refer to 16 in Rules)

5. No fighting of any sort allowed. (Refer to 1-4, 16 in Rules)

6. If you would like to engage in voice sex, please use the Silver Rooms and Gold Rooms that are provided if they are not already occupied. (Refer to 16 in Rules)

= Dress Code =

1. Human avatars only! EVOX heads are allowed.

Tails, Horns, things that make you YOU .. are okay just don't abuse this! 

2. Dress to impress like the surroundings on the sim.
3. No beginner avatars like the ones found in your inventory library. (Refer to 2 in Dress Code Rules)

4. Proper mesh or quality applier clothing is required. 

5. Nudity is allowed in the respected areas.

6. No Flexi of any kind. This is mostly for clothing. 

7. No scripted weapons.

8. No Combat Meters worn ( GM / GTS ).

9. No Combat HUDs (remove before coming to sim)

10. No erect penis unless it is during a sexual act. Flaccid (limp) is permitted. Any collared member's in a submissive position is considered a sexual act.

11. No Face lights.
12. No bumpers or laggy particles.

13. ALL spankers are permitted and encouraged. Please be advised if they are obnoxious, you will be asked to remove them.

14. No babies this includes both avatars/prim babies of any kind or anything appearing to be under the age of 18 this includes tiny avatars of any kind. (Refer to 1-4 in Rules)

15. No ageplay is to be permitted anywhere on the sim. (Refer to 1-4 in Rules)

16. LL height standards. If you or your avatar appear questionable, you will be asked to make the needed adjustments. This discretion is by the management team ONLY.

17. In ANY cases of disputes, we will send an AR report and let Linden Labs decide if you are in violation of the community standards or not.


Linden Lab Official: Clarification of policy disallowing ageplay
Terms and Conditions | Linden Lab

18. No noob or noobish things like bling, deformed shapes, or skins. This includes wearing demos. (Refer to 2 in Dress Code Rules)

19. No test avatar appearances.

20. The judging of your avatar is done by the Owner and Management Team.

21. Bloodlines Huds are not allowed. Security will eject you if you are wearing the hud.

22. Angels & Demons Role Play System/Progeny Huds  THIS IS auto ban IF I HEAR anyone attacking in my region!

Should you have any inquiries, questions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Managment and or Owner of FMD lounge. 

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